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Single Turnstile Unit

Product Details

This single turnstile unit is available for sale with worldwide delivery.

On sites needing to control access for visitors or personnel, the single turnstile automates and simplifies this process. The unit can also be connected to several types of card or biometric entry systems (not included). The turnstile provides both access onto the site and exit from the site in a single turnstile.

Fitted in a purpose-built compact 10ft x 8ft unit the single turnstile cabin is easily located on the periphery of sites and can be integrated with site hoarding to provide complete site security.

Typical Uses

  • Construction sites
  • Airports (especially for contractors during construction works)
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Sporting events
  • Restricting access to areas for people who have not been fully trained or inducted
  • Factories
  • Checking in systems


  • Single two-way access reduces queues
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized sites
  • Can usually be connected to your access software (at your cost) and controlled by card or biometric entry systems

Product Specifications

External Length (m) 2.991
External Width (m) 2.438
External Height (m) 2.591
Internal Length (m) 2.84
Internal Width (m) 2.35
Internal Height (m) 2.39
Door Width (m) 2.34
Door Height (m) 2.28
Floor Type 28mm Marine Ply



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