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40ft Blast Freezer Container-40°F to 70°F (460V/230V 3P)

40ft blast freezer container for sale USA


The 40ft blast freezer container for sale -40°F to 70°F (460V/230V 3P) is one if our refrigerated containers for sale with the following specifications;

Internal capacity
55.6m3 (1,963 Cu.ft)

Door opening dimensions
Width 1,737 0/-5mm (5’-8 25/64” 0/-3/16”)
Height 2,537 0/-5mm (8’-3 7/8” 0/-3/16”)
Cargo access height 2,537 0/-5mm (8’-3 7/8” 0/-3/16”)

Max. Gross Weight 30,480kg (67,200LB)
Tare Weight (excl.Unit) 4600kg ( 10140LB)
Tare Weight (incl. TK Magnum Plus Unit 1850 kg) 6450kg (14220LB)
Max. Payload 24030kg (52980LB)

Item Thickness Density
Roof 90mm 40-45kg/cu.m
Side walls 65mm 45-50kg/cu.m
Door panels 81mm 45-50kg/cu.m
Floor 51/111mm 50-55kg/cu.m

Heat leakage value
Umax = 60 kcal/deg.c.hr. at the mean wall temperature 293K (20 °C).

Max. air leakage value
Qmax = 16 m3/hr. (incl. reefer unit max. 0.5m3/h) measured at 250+-10Pa.

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  • Cold storage blast freezer
  • Temperature range -40°F to 70°F
  • Requires five power supplies 460V 3 phase or 230V 3 phase with optional transformer
  • Easy-open butcher door
  • Flat floor
  • LED Interior lights
  • Walk-in curtains
  • Total capacity of 21,800Kcal/hr (86,000Btu/hr) ambient 100°F(37.8°C)
  • Calculated on average values 44,000 lbs of fish will be cooled to 0°F(-18°C) core temperature from 41°F(5°C) in approx. 35 hours.

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