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20ft Refrigerated Container -20°F to 70°F (220V 1P)

20ft Refrigerated Container For Sale Online

This 20ft Refrigerated Container For Sale was created for people who have trouble accessing three-phase power. Our 20ft single-phase cold storage reefer container is the pioneering product in the reefer cold storage market, with remarkable qualities such as lowest freezing temperature in a single-phase variation, cost-efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

  • Easy open & inner release doors
  • The flat floor and interior time-delay lighting
  • Plastic strip air-curtains
  • Easy maintain electrical defrost strip
  • Single-phase: 208~230V 25Amps
  • Door switch for the inner air circulation
  • Setting range: -30F to 68F(-34C to 20C)
  • Ambient temp: -4F to 118F(-20C to 48C)
  • Refrigerant R404A
  • Cost-efficient by better container design

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