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Used Refrigerated Containers for Sale in USA

Mid Mountain Containers has used refrigerated containers for sale in USA (sometimes known as “reefers”), which are used to keep perishables and other commodities cool and moisture-free. Reefers can be used as either coolers or freezers.

Because of their silent operation, they are an ideal cold-storage solution for both work locations and public settings. Our refrigerated shipping containers are great for keeping meats, dairy, fruit, flowers, bait & gear, and other perishable items. The airtight steel construction keeps the contents protected from mold and humidity.

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Similarly, Mid Mountain supplies trustworthy, best-in-class cold storage and freezer containers to corporations, farms, governments, and medical organizations such as:

  • Processing of seafood and meat
  • Transporters of goods
  • Offshore industries, as well as gas and oil firms
  • AID, the Government, and the Military
  • Petrochemical and chemical
  • Pharmaceutical and medical institutions, and many others

Further, we provide GSM Communication for remote data transmission and system troubleshooting, and Global System Integration for Mobile Communications. For example, all containers possess an evaporator fan built for high pressure temperature reductions.

Options for Refrigerated Containers for Sale from Mid Mountains

At Mid Mountain, we offer a wide range of shipping containers for sale in California to assist you in choosing better cold storage refrigerated shipping container for your demands. That is to say, our containers vary in size as well as the temperatures they can withstand, and they can all be further modified to meet your needs.

The two standard container sizes are 40ft and 20ft, and we will assist you determine which length is best for your purposes. In addition, depending on your budget, we have a variety of new, refurbished, and used refrigerated shipping containers for sale, each with its own set of advantages. Finally, our refrigerated containers can maintain consistent temperatures ranging from -20 to 70 degrees(°) Fahrenheit.

However, if you want to learn more about the specific models we have (each of our shipping containers for sale in Los Angeles come with extensive manuals), you may do so here:

These pages offer some important information regarding our cold storage refrigerated shipping containers for sale, and if you have any questions, please contact us via phone or our online form. We’ll certainly address any inquiries you may have.

Mid Mountain’s Colder Options: Used Freezer Containers for Sale

Sometimes a basic refrigerated container just isn’t enough. Moreover, when flash freezing fish such as yellowfin tuna or other high-value seafood or meat, you need a container that can maintain extremely cold temperatures for extended periods of time. So, that’s when the freezer blaster canisters come in handy.

They can provide stable blast freeze temperatures of up to -76° Fahrenheit and can assist you in ensuring that your products remain as fresh as when you placed them in the container. However, if you require additional reliability, we can offer the redundant freezer container, which can not only deliver temperatures ranging from +50 to -65 Celsius but also includes a dual freezer system, ensuring that even if one of the freezers fails, the other can serve as a backup.

Most importantly, when dealing with delicate cargo in pharmaceuticals or agriculture, these sorts of freezers can be extremely handy. For example, the wide temperature ranges, extra security, and blast-freeze functionality make these containers a great alternative in instances where a standard refrigerated freezer simply will not suffice.

And at Mid Mountains, we offer both blaster freezer and redundant frozen container solutions available on our website, along with thorough user manuals:

Similarly, as with our refrigerated containers, we are delighted to give you with more information or advise on which option would best suit your needs, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Refrigerated Container for Sale Conditions

Mid Mountain supplies new, refurbished or used refrigerated containers for sale in USA and we also have shipping containers for container home builders in Ohio.

Firstly, NEW “One Trip” refrigerated containers are being shipped from Asia as a single container cargo load. These containers are referred to being “new” or “like new.” However, once  a container arrives at its destination, it is frequently available for sale. These containers are a fantastic choice because they have not deteriorated either on the ocean or in a container depot/terminal. If appearance, lifespan, and dependability are important factors, one trip containers are excellent. As a result, we provide used cargo-worthy refrigerated containers.

Secondly, USED “Cargo Worthy” refrigerated containers are the most common in the cold storage sector. These used refrigerated shipping containers are often ten to fifteen years old. However, they all pass the ten-stage pre-trip check. Mid Mountain ensures that all used refrigerated containers meet cargo worthy quality standards.

Thirdly, and most importantly, REFURBISHED refrigerated containers are used freezer containers for sale that have been freshly painted and primed. To clarify, we clean any (if any) rust spots before applying two coats of primer and two coats of fresh white water based paint. As a result, the container looks clean, and the equipment container and all electrical components pass a ten-stage pre-trip check, guaranteeing many years of trouble-free service.

PTI Testing Ensures that our Refrigeration Containers for Sale are Fully Operational Upon Delivery to You

All used refrigerated shipping containers are tested to ensure they meet quality standards. Above all, the buying assurance that comes with buying used PTI tested refrigerated containers for sale means that all you have to think about is what temperature to set inside the container once it arrives at your location (usually varies with each refrigerated container for sale).

Choose the Appropriate Type of Refrigerated Containers for Sale